Monday, 26 September 2011

Guernsey G.B.A.S.S

In August a Motley crew of Anglers ventured across the channel to Guernsey like a bunch of pirates armed to the teeth with numerous rods from Mullet to our Bass lure rods...... we had just over a week to play around hunting down the legendary channel islands Bass! the first day we arrived we headed out the the campsite to set up base and have a quick scout about in time for some late afternoon Mulleting in the harbour at st.petersport and more importantly get midlands based angling sniper Andy Hart his first Mullet! after a bit of pre baiting and hunting the harbour for the mullet it wasnt long before we found a good shoal.....
Andy nails this beaut almost instantly after me and James fed them up and what a cracking first mullet! quick scrap under the rod tip it was shot with the camera and returned to fight another day! we all headed off to the outer piers and break water where we found some awesome looking spots for later on in the week, Andy also nails a Garfish on a jointed plug hunting for Bass. the next couple days are spent wreckying for venues for the G.B.A.S.S comp at the end of the week where me James and Andy would enter in hopes of taking at least the visitors prize :-) we new where to hit after a few nights out with local leg-end Tom Brock where we nailed a few smaller Bass and Tom got proper smashed up by a beast of a thing! i reckon the fish he lost had every ounce to of been the winning shore fish!
Heres James fishing on a mark where i had just nailed two more bass on the Sakura magic eel fished on a glider jig head this lure just looked amazing fished in the really busy white water where these fish cruised the rocks...... check out the full reports and pictures in Total Sea Fishing mag in the next couple of months, the next few evenings we would go to the weighins at Boatworks in st.petersport where we could see there wasnt much happening which made me happier knowing i had'nt had many decent fish just schoolys etc this was certainly tough fishing but does it get any more beautifull than these wild rocky beaches and bays Guernsey is deffo a place ill be visiting again very soon! the last night of the comp we all stood around the weighin waiting for the beasts to be weighed in when two young lads who had already managed a 7lber for the small boat section the young lad only being 7! his slightly older fishing buddy had only nailed yet another beast just scraping the double at just over 10lb! this turned of to be the winning fish with a few guys weighing in 7's 8's and a few 9's please check out for more info on fishing for Bass in and around Guernsey. i highly recommend it! keep your eyes peeled in TSF mag and world sea fishing for more reports and features
all in all an amazing week with good company!

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  1. The most beautiful thing in your post is fishing things and your photos proves that the beauty of this place is celestial. May be I will also be there in few months to have a great and short break to Guernsey, but not confirmed yet.