Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Much Needed Session

Fished monday with my good buddy James Odonnell fishing photographer and all round fishing nut case, oh and maisy the realtree dog. we headed out to the local canal in search on proper monster pike and a possible bonus lump perch, this venue recently had a L.A.S match on it with shocking results which got me ithcing to get out and see what was wrong lol.

we got there early AM. with light mist still lingering it was just perfect! love this venue always done very well with plenty of fish over 20lb being caught and two fish over the magic 30! these are proper pike none of those ressy lumps that fill the mags nowadays, both of us started out fishing savagegear lures myself using 4plays in various colours and Jimbo using one of the new savage spinnerbaits. the conditions couldnt get any better you could feel the atmosphere in the air, both me and Jimbo buzzed with excitement at the possibility of a monster or two turning up :-) Jimbo was the first to land a fish and this tiny 1lb Jack was a welcomed sight as James has had a slight dry patch concerning pike in 2011. its very unusual to see pike this size on this venue i prob see 2-3 a year I managed to sneak a small jack on a wobblespinner not long after Jimbo nailed his, the Savage 4plays didnt work at all which is strange as they usually murder this place...... we both had large very flashy lures fishing them with a very lazy sink and draw style retrieve fluttering the lures in and around weeds beds in the gin clear water, it was amazing watching the pike chase over 20ft of water and smash lures in the clear water it was like a fish tank we could see everything. im happily fishing away when i hear James shout F£*@ing hell that a huge fish..... as Jimbo has a fish well over 15lb prob around 17-18lb come hammering up behaind his lure which was actually covered in weed when the pike chased! any min now surely its going to take but Jimbo manages to hook this monster in the same swim sods law hay..... but still possitive as there was some huge fish moving and the deffo liked the lures we were throwing! only two swims away i had another decent fish chase again a fish between 12-15lb it was only a matter of time before something huge nailed our lures! i was now gagging for a decent fish now, and it wasnt long before i was treated to a good fish falling to my christmas tree style lure. after a few good hefty runs and some awesome tailwalking this fish was in the net

just scraping the double but it certainly wacked a smile on my face! as i was releasing this fish Jimbo shouts out again! with this time another lump of a pike smashing up behind the lure again a fish of around 20lb! the bright blue skys helping us spot the pike on the bottom but this also ment that most of the time the pike could also see us...... the sun was creeping high in the sky now and the action started to slow a fair bit which is generally what happens on this venue at mid day. but we still kept on chucking lures while James shoots some black and white stills on me catsing and other fishing action shots. we fished prob another quarter mile stretch of canal before deciding that the pub was calling us for a drink and plate of chips....
ended the session with 4 pike to low double and the pub we can safely say a awesome morning out.... still with a couple hows of chilling time when we got home! watch this space we are going to try this venue again next week before Jimbo heads off to guide in florida for two months. fingers crossed for one of those monsters jumping on our lures :-)

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