Saturday, 30 April 2011

Float tubing

Been a busy couple weeks..... but managed some awesome sessions for pike recently in both daylight and of coarse night piking! Me and Adrian decided that it was about time we hit the water on our float tubes! i couldnt sleep the night before getting out on the tubes as they offer sooooo much fun and different approach that you just cant get from the bank or boat! plus this has to be the most fish friendly method going.... if you wanted to you could unhook and release a pike without even getting them out the water! truly brilliant fun and wow was it worth the wait!I managed the first fish a tiddler to the monsters lurking around on the venue, i cannot explain how chuffed i was when i landed the first fish it was amazing fun i nailed it on one of the new Savagegear spinners with tons of flash in the skirt. this lure worked a treat the other week when me and Jimbo fished here so i knew it would sort me out :-) it wasnt long before me and Adrian figured out how to get around in the tubes which was most of the fun i reckon...... we certainly didnt care if we blanked it was just awesome fun to be on the water like this. Adrian was the next to hook up on a Fox hornet spinnerbait the fish literally came up from 15ft of water and nailed his bait off the top no more than 2ft away from Adrians tube! i could see the look on his face he was giggling like a child but so was i! god only knows what will happen if we nailed one of the 30's...... :-)
gotta apologise for the quality of these pictures it wasnt to i got home i realised i had my camera set to low light conditions so everything is a little out of focus...... as you can see these pike arent monsters but awesome fun on our light gear, Adrian using his skeletor and shimano stradic ci4 loaded with 20lb varivas and i had two set ups a shimano special bass perch oufit with shimano conquest 51gt-ti and 20lb braid and a tournament rod with shimano Curado e7 all great fun for lighter pike fishing as we had no real interest in chasing monsters this gear was spot on. it wasnt long before Adrian started nailing fish after fish on the yellow hornet spinner bait i had 2 fish to his 5.... but i really didnt care. it wasnt long before we headed towards the pub (i blame the wind drifting us) where we stopped to get a drink and some grub. we had loads of people tell us what we were doing was awesome and ill agree happily smiling away it was turning out to be a brilliant day! we both had mastered the basic of this float tube malarky we were gagging to get back out choosing to target a stretch we had'nt done this morning
soon after changing spots Adrians drag soon starts steaming off........ and the giggling starts again this fish was only 11-12lb but good god what a fight in these float tubes every time Adrian gets the fish to the surface it steams off again! i even managed a soaking no less than 3 times getting proper soaked as the pike bolted off! they deffo reacted differently to being caught like this, from the shore we would of had that fish netted not long after being hook but like this it was a handfull but some of the funniest fishing iv witnessed both of us were laghing our socks off while Adrian played this fish..... the scores ended up at this point Me 4 Adrian 8:-( i didnt mind though was great just being afloat.
we both managed one more fish each making the fish count 13 fish for the session which is good going considering we had a massive learning curve to overcome but i can honestly say i had one of the best sessions iv had in a long long time...... fishing has got so serious in the last few years and i cant bloody stand the attitudes of fisherman in fresh and salt water, we all need to get back to basics and start enjoying fishing for fishing not chasing monsters i didnt have any large pike this session but i had more fun because of the fact i was doing something i love.... watch this space for some more float tubing in fresh and salt water coming up :-) once again a pleasure to get out with Adrian catching fish :-)

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