Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Rock Donkeys

This summer has seen some awesome fishing in me salt water antics and myself and James really put some effort in to catching one paticular addictive critter the Ballan Wrasse :-) this hard fighting brute of a fish is everything you could want in a UK salt water species for light lure fishing! Above is Jim with a lovely marked male Ballan which literally scraps like you wouldnt belive! such a small fish really does go off like a steam train and cannot fail to make your heart buzz and wack a massive grin on your face, Jim nailed this fish on a Hart absolute worm on a 10g ball jig fished no more than 5yards off the rocks in the deep clear gullies off south devon.
Above is a selection of some of the lures iv found to work well for me such as Senkos and the IT-shrimp from Megabass and Hawg craws, all these lure have caught some lovely fish from right in the roughest ground fished either on sled-head style jigs, hitch-hiker standard jigs and texed carolina and other weedless methods. Such a affective but simple styles of fishing that really do crack a smile on your face! this type of rock fishing is really REALLY addictive and although you will experience a few bits of tackle loss once you have figured out whats what you can reap the rewards of pretty much untapped potential for wrassin with softplastics :-)Heres my most recent wrasse after having my ass handed to me by Jim on monday on his local stomping grounds think he done me over something like 6-1 to him :-( most wrasse being a good average size all scrapping like demons! this fish nailed a giant Xlayer by megabass on a Owner sled-head it took on the drop on a small patch of boulders and kelp it made 3 good steaming runs to the point i had to palm the spool to stop being ruined in the rough stuff! bloody heart stopping stuff! after boga'ing it out and some quick snaps it was returned to swim another day! Jim had a cracking take where the wrasse was literally swimming along with the lure in its mouth plodding along nicely, before James whammed the jig head home and nailed the chunky wrasse. we are out again this weekend so will wack up some more as and when..... all in all a cracking day out with a good buddy catching awesome fish