Thursday, 28 July 2011

CLA Game Fair.......

I recently spent 3 days working up at Blenheim Palace, just outside Oxford at the CLA game fair. filled to the brim of all the horsey types (fit posh totty ;-).....) farmers, outdoor sports etc and of coarse the fishing village........ where we had our EPIC stand stand had a awesome weekend meeting ang greeting all the lure crazed fishing from all sorts of background! we had the pro's right through to the new'bees all coming over to see our amazing selection of lure brands like Megabass, IMA, Lucky Craft, Lunker City and Delalande

we had the testing tank on site which was a crowd pleaser and let Me and the guys Mike and Nick show and tell all of our top brands and the popular lure styles from the awesome Slug-go to Zonk's...... I managed to get peoples brains churning with my various drop shot styles and funky rigging types of the popular soft plastics which allot of guys werent all that tuned into, its always good to see the look and grin on guys faces when they see what can me done! your be surprised how many of you have all the nice new lures and actually have no clue of its "benifits and actions" the tank allowed us to show you all what was what and we had lots of good feedback from guys and girls who learnt lots of new tricks :-)
As you can see we stocked a fair bit of all the top brands which we sell and import and managed to sell a fair bit as our stand seemed to be one of the busiest in the angling village, mostly lure sales but we also shift some rods and reels to some very happy punters some of which knew just what they wanted and lots of guys who came to us for help and advice which is where i really love to be involved in..... i cant think of anything better than where i can help others learn and get out the experiences iv been lucky enough to have from lure fishing. myself Nick and Mike were all on hand to help out as having that "new bingy" lure is all well and good but not having the foggiest how to use and abuse isnt all that fun :-)
we also had a good selection of the rods from the brands Sakura, Lucky craft and the "secret squirrel club" Megabass rods which literally made me weak at the knees..... the Sakura range consisted of the older Rookie the Shinjin's, Stingrays and the Mazzera's. we had ultra light to 7g right up the the sea monster upsetting 802XH Mazzera tropical beast killer! covering all ground for todays modern lure anger from Bass to fresh water applications and even the GAY'me boys hand there salmon brains ticking with some of the kit we had on board! the Megabass range was beautifully made and i can honestly say out of this world..... if you got the wonga and you dont buy one when you could you need sectioning! the ShadowXX range simply oozed sheer class so did the Indipendance and XIO range! pure lure fishing porn!

the brand that stands out for me in terms of styling and function has to be IMA.... dont get me wrong im a Megabass for life kinda guy but hats off to the IMA guys...... new lures like the super thin Komomo's and new sizes of most the models as well as simply mouth watering new colours that im sure will catch anglers but distroy the UK Bass population ha ha. we had allot of new stuff that isnt even on the topwater catalogue yet all of which will surely rise up the ranks of the finest lure gear on the market! is truly the boys in the retail lure market today and will continue the march to superiour gear for you guys so please please pop onto the site and support Nick and the gang @ i had a awesome weekend surrounded by awesome people all of which are part of the basslures family a true sign of quality family run business its really a pleasure to be one of the lucky few to be involved :-) Parkins quality assured ha ha

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