Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Postman.......

Well....... i think you can safely say Adrian is the postman, he certainly delivered last night!! we fished a southwest venue which we'v been gaggin to fish for a couple months and it certainly came up trumps :-) we got there about a hour before dark and with the pooring rain it was looking amazing! we had the usuall banter while gettin ready, the whole "im not greedy, a 20 will be fine" which we know there are plenty of those in here :-) and it wasnt long before Ady nails his first fish! actually it was his first bloody cast to be honest..... a fish of around 6-7lb which came off at the reeds in front of us, was that a sign of things to come or the dreaded first cast session killer......but literally in the next swim im happily walking along in the pissing it down with rain! and Bang Adrian is in again! the pike was only a rod length out in from of a big patch of reeds and adrian shouts its a better fish maybe 8-9 lb so i get the net off my back rucksack off and get ready to land it, thats when i see the fish steam off 10ft line i could see it was a double and i would of said 15lb after a few talk walks i start my descent into the depths with my waders on ill be ok right? well i managed to get to the edge of the reeds to a safe landing spot and the water was 2inches from the top of my waders lol :-) the fish was in the net and i passed it over my shoulder to Ady up the bank ofter a quick photo she was weighed a nice tidy 14lb 1oz not bad for less than 10 casts! it wasnt long before it was my turn for the action! in the very next swim i cast my swampy to the other bank into a small hole in the lillies and start my retrieve it isnt long before i see this huge bow wave charging up behind my lure. but it didnt come to a take i think it saw me as i couldnt get it to charge and take :-( judging by the bow wave it was another lump of a pike. Adrian was managing to completely distroy me last nite by this point he was managing a fish or lose a fish in most swims it was awesome! the pike were on fire hitting anything twitched across there swim
by this point adrian was 7 fish up on me after i seemed to lose every single bloody pike that came anywhere near my lures.... awesome sport though when they charge up behind your surface lure and smash it with vengeance! just before we lost too much light i whipped out my camera and decided to film in the next bay, and after two casts Adrian manages to get the chase i wanted and we got the hit on film which was soooooo buzzing and will edit it and crop stuff and try and get the video up on here asap. the problem now was the skys started to clear and we all know what moonlight does to nite piking..... kills it dead! luckily we had trees covering most of the venue we wanted to fish but soon as the light completely went the fishing just died... and it became very hard work! with only a few fish rising to the swampys after dark which its normally happens the other way around, the dark normally turns the pike on big style its like a light switch! but the moon light killed the fishing, Adrian manages a few more fish and for me it was dead :-( in the end we called it a day, as things just got bad to worse. Adrian was 10 fish in front of me but hayy cant win them all and was awesome to get out again on this special venue.

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