Monday, 17 January 2011

Playing around

Check out a couple of these images Jimbo took on our last trip out last week, we spent a bit of time playing around with different angles and styles of shooting lure fishing with some cracking results! we had a blast thinking up new techniques and it was funny seeing Jimbo soaking up the water like a tea bag in his leaky snowbees lol :-) iv seen allot of images in the last 12months through Gilbeys stuff of guys lure fishing and loads of shots of loaded rods! check this just dont realise how much rods load up while casting fairly light lures....... thats a impressive bend dont you think! id love to see what my 8ft bass rod does chucking a Xpod or something! its not like im really punching these casts its not a great distance to the far bank as you can see in this picture, i really like this shot it really shows what your gear can do, soooo many guys piss about with stupidly heavy gear when there really is no need. we will try and get some more shots like this on the next sessions.Check this splash shot...... this took sooooo long to capture but was good fun all the same, how i didnt put the jig through the camera i dont know :-) this is a picture you just dont see in the mags or media, it works perfectly we will try this next time with a floating plug in firetiger or something! it'll create such a cool shot seeing the lure still floating in the surface! not only was it good fun but it was good piching practice which is a method i use on small rivers etc as you can cast well in tight areas with no backswing! all in all a good day out. hope you like the photo's check them out plus lots more on Jimbo's Facebook in my useful links section


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