Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tech Talk

I see on numerous Forums newbe's and sometime more skilled anglers asking the heated dreaded "what Reel to use"....... so i thought id take the time to go through my main Baitcasters ( Multipliers ) which is use the most through out the season, from ultra-light perchin to the heavy weight 11-12inch swimbaits i use Baitcasters for 99% of my luring with sea luring being the only time id switch to the fixed spool reel.

Starting from left to right:- The Old worrior being my trusty Shimano Culcutta 101d, this old dog is my "MegaBait" reel.... loaded with 60lb PowerPro this reel is pretty much used soaly for Massive swimbaits and Jerks with a steady 5-0.1 retrieve and awesome drag even still after years of use, i actually used this reel when i caught my PB pike of 31lb 14oz and it dealt with the Pike great :-) Then its the Shimano Curado E7, this reel is my general purpose medium weight Baitcaster. its loaded with 30lb PowerPro and is used for general lure fishing with Medium swimbaits, Shads, spinnerbaits, general plugs etc also used allot while out Night surface fishing due to its rock solid reliability and ease of use. Then its my pride and Joy........ my rare as rocking horse shite Shimano Calaisdc :-) this reel beggers belief and is my fav bit of fishing kit its the top dog lure fishing reel money can buy in the world..... not cheap mind one of these puppies will set ya back 600quid i had mine shipped from Shimano Japan as soon as they got released a couple years back, with 4x4 digital control there is nothing conditions wise that will stop this reel! i use it for the pleasure of fishing, from larger lures to tiny spinners. Then its my other pride and joy the Shimano Conquest 51GT-Ti one of the smallest baitcasters on the market and smooth as butter used only for ultra-lighting as this is super tuned for the lighter work, again had this sent from Shimano Japan on the week of there release. almost scared to use it as its soooooo good looking a pure pleasure to use. Ill go through the Fixed spools i use next month and the ways i set the up, will also post some rods up

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