Monday 7 October 2013

Return of the blog!!!!

Hey guys, been super busy with work over the summer and obviously lots of fishing thrown in!! Im going to post up a few photos from my summers fishing antics in Ireland and of course Devon and Cornwall. Hope you enjoy these photos sorry no write ups but ill be back on track this week so will keep you posted

 Ill be starting my Pike and Perch sessions this weekend so keep your eyes peeled! looking forward to a productive winter so enjoy this gallery from the summer and watch out for the fresh water sessions


Monday 20 May 2013

Pigs and PB's

Got out again this weekend and with the forecast to die for we were raring to go and get down on the rocks, so we headed down to a old faithful mark that Me and Jimbo used to fish allot and we were greeted with literally seas flat as a pancake and little to no wind with gorgeous wall to wall blue skys Me and Andy had that fishy feeling!!
We literally got bites in the first gulley and that wrasse fishing buzz was soon in the air things looked like it was going to be a cracking day! the first gulley didn't produce just lots of taps, so we clambered over the hole and within mins I was into the first tiddler of the day, it took a Poor Boys beaver tail literally crawled along the botton of a clear pebbly hole surrounded with vertical rock faces covered in weed, literally had to just haul this fish before it binned me in the rough! well I opened the days account (secret Andy vs Danny comp) and I was a happy bunny! we carried on rock hopping and crawling around the bay casting into every fishy looking hole and gulley. One thing I noticed was now the season is finally rolling the amount of life in the water!! plenty of sand eel and sprats and tons of mullet, such a pleasant sight after such a crap 8-9months with the skys beaming and the waters gin clear with all these wonderful creatures swimming around I only had one thing on my mind and that was to get Andy a good fish as he's been trying sooo hard to finally crack his awful bad luck, he finally broke the spell the other weekend with his first proper wrasse on the lure so it was game on!
I was nailing a few fish here and there but was missing soooooo many fish! this fish above was a nice break in the bad lusk after losing three good fish in the brief madness of there brutal scrap. Im not sure exactly what was going on but I just couldn't get fish to stick.... various lures and changes of hook size the little shits just wouldn't nail the lure! we fished some gulleys and pits we haven't fished properly since last season and again its a bite a chuck I managed one more tiddler from here then Andy snipers one out at long range, it looked big his HPR was looped over and drag was screaming, should of got a snap of Andys panicky face :-) this fish was certainly bigger than his previous effort so I scrambled down the with the net and by this time the wrasse was coming up the ledge.
as I netted this beauty I couldn't be happier, Ansy was proper chuffed I could tell it was a easy 3lb so after a quick scramble to a rock pool for a rest we got the scales and camera ready. Coming in at 3lb 4oz and couldn't help but be super stoked for any its been a tough few sessions and with him also struggling to connect with the fish today it certainly was a pleasant sight :-) this beautiful fish just doesn't get the justice the camera gave it, it was utterely amazing..... the blues and greens and a choccy brown base layer. These fish never fail to amaze me with there awesome colours every single one a different colour which makes them even more special! not to mention that brutal power! now im not one for jealousy but fcuk me he was now beating me in the biggest fish contest and im not having the apprentice do me over like this.... its just not on but well done all the same Greeno for you new PB Ballan :-)
There was a nice shallow bay normally plagued out with snitcher ballans and tint Pollack but I know a few times last season I hit fish here that handed me my ass so me not being the reserved type I chucked out a Hawg senko out at range and I kid you not the bites were instant, I missed a good fish straight away which ruined my lure so after a quick change of senko and out again! this time a proper smash and I lifted in to this awesome bright orange kelpy and it pulled like hell back to the rocks but I wasn't having any of that!!! so it wasn't long before I had it coming into the net. few quick snaps and it was off for another angler to hopefully catch when its a bit bigger ;-) shame it wasn't as big as Andys but I didn't care with the final score being 10 wrasse I had a blast of a day with good company! the sun beamed all day it was like a summers day, shame about the awful winds which were a pain in the ass but all in all a cracking session! well until next time, tight lines its a bank hols this weekend and the Lure Forum meet in south devon so good luck if your out on that session may see you out :-)